Thursday, March 19, 2009

Lost... In Translation pt.8

Namaste. If you wanna know what the hell that means, please click here. Ok, now that we got our polite greetings out of the way, let's move on. Namaste was one of the cooler episodes of Lost lately. It wasn't very mystery oriented, but it was just a good solid chapter in the series, and had plenty of interesting and entertaining little scenes.

The episode began in modern day, as the Ajira 316 plane began experiencing turbulence and was preparing to crash. Jack, Hurley, and Kate disappear in the flash, as we know, but the plane does not immediately crash. Frank Lapidus, pilot extraordinaire, manages to bring it down safely (albeit roughly) on the secondary, Hydra island, on a small runway. When he wakes up, his co-pilot is dead, but Lapidus himself is more or less uninjured, though covered in blood.

As Frank goes to check on the crew, Caesar wakes up Alanna, who thinks he's 'Sarah'. He quickly reminds her, however, he is 'Caesar'. Ben shows up, (decidedly uninjured in the plane crash) being cryptic and creepy as usual and then we go back in time thirty years.

Now we pick up where the last episode left off, with Sawyer reuniting with the Oceanic 3. Jack shocks Sawyer by telling him Locke's dead, so Sawyer returns the favor with the whole 'It's 1977 LOL'. Jack tells Sawyer that Sayid and Sun were with them, and of course, Jin flips out and drives away.

Back at the barracks, Miles and Juliet are worrying about Sawyer, and where he went. They don't have to worry for long, though, because Sawyer drives up and starts collecting clothes for the others so they can fit in. Juliet runs home, and asks him what's going on, so he breaks it down for her. Juliet suggests that the recruitment sub is coming later.

Jin drives up to The Flame station, and when I saw this, I got a little excited. Mainly because last time Jin and The Flame crossed paths, it ended like this:

Jin rushes into The Flame, trying to check the recent data for signs of a plane crash. Some nerd named Radzinsky starts getting all over his shit, and making fun of him. Jin gives him just a small taste of what he gave Mikhail, and Radzinsky gets on the horn with all the other stations asking if they've seen any planes.

Back on the Hydra island, Lapidus is trying to rally the group and keep their motivation up with a big speech, a few minutes before he leaves, because Sun follows Ben into the woods. Caesar takes over the role of leader at this point, and completely disregards all of Frank's advice. As Sun is walking through the woods, suddenly Ben appears behind her and offers to take her back to 'their' island, so she can find Jin.

Back in the barracks, Juliet steals the new recruit manifest, and we also learn that Amy's baby born last episode is going to grow up to be evil.
Soon after, Sawyer picks up the Oceanic 3 and takes them to get recruited into Dharma. His plan is to try to pass them off as new recruits coming off the sub, so they head off to Dharmaville.

Meanwhile, at The Flame, Radzinsky tells Jin that there aren't any planes, but as he says it, there is a report of something else. A hostile in Dharma territory! Jin runs outside to try to find the person, comes to see it is none other than Sayid. They have just enough time to recognize each other, before Radzinsky comes rushing in, and suddenly Jin has to take Sayid hostage. Him and Radzinsky lock him up in the closet (the homosexual subtexts of someone in the closet of The Flame do not elude me.).

Meanwhile, Sawyer is telling the group that he can't stop the purge, and that Daniel is gone now. Once they arrive at the barracks, Miles shows up, finding out for the first time that the others are back, and almost blowing their cover. As the two are talking, Sawyer receives a call from Jin with the news they caught Sayid in the woods.

As Sawyer heads to meet up with Jin, Ben, Sun, and Frank are heading towards the boats so they can get to the other island. Lapidus is trying to convince Sun not to go, but Sun tells Frank that she has to trust Ben. My favorite line in the episode is when Frank tells Sun that he had an entire boat full of commandoes who's sole mission was to capture Ben, to which Ben responds by laughing, and asking 'How did that work out for everyone?' Soon after, however, Sun knocks Ben out with a paddle, and her and Lapidus elope to the island just the two of them.

Meanwhile, back at the barracks, The new 'recruits' are being processed. Jack meets Candle/Cheng, and has to answer a few tricky questions to avoid being caught, and he's rewarded for his skill and quick-thinking by being assigned the job of 'Workman'. We can only assume this foul injustice is Sawyer's doing. Kate is also in a pretty sticky situation, as her name is not on the right lists, but luckily Juliet comes to the rescue and covers for her. Is anyone else thinking Juliet and Kate should be together? They make a much better couple than either of them do with Jack or Sawyer.
At The Flame Sawyer takes Sayid into his custody, against Radzinsky's wishes (Radzinsky thinks Sayid's a spy, and wants to shoot him), but BuzzSaw just tells nerdface to beat it and takes him anyways, forcing Sayid to say he's a hostile to receive protection.

Meanwhile on the real island, and in current time, Sun and Lapidus come across the decrepit ruins of the barracks as they are now, accompanied by the sounds of Cerberus. While they are going past one of the abandoned buildings, however, a light flicks on, and a door opens. Christian emerges and invites Sun and Lapidus in. He decides to confuse the hell out of Sun, by showing her a photo from 1977, in which she sees the entire group. She comes to realize that to find Jin, she'll have to go Back... To The Future!! Or past. Whatever.

In the chronology of the characters' lives, interestingly enough, the photo is just now being taken, and as it's snapped, Sawyer and Jin arrive with their prisoner, and put him in jail.

That night, Jack seeks out Sawyer's house to ask him what's going on. However, when he knocks on the door, he's a little surprised to find Juliet answering it... Awkwaaaaaaaard. Jack comes to realize the two are a couple now as he comes in to find Sawyer reading. Jack begins to question him, mainly about Sayid, and Sawyer basically tells him that he's got it covered, and that people died under Jack's leadership, so it's time for Sawyer to take care of things. He tells Jack that he'll take care of them and Sayid. Suprisingly enough, Jack takes this pretty well, as opposed to what I expected:

It is at this point that Jack comes to realize Sawyer's the big damn hero now, and if anything he seems relieved. He leaves the house, and returns to his quarters. Sawyer steps outside, and happens to catch Kate's eye as she paces back and forth on her porch. They idly wave at each other, and that's pretty much it, but it doesn't take a genius to figure out that old sparks might end up flying... Now that Sawyer has slept with BOTH of Jack's crushes before him, he's willing to commit to his true love, I guess.

The show exits with a scene of a young boy bringing the imprisoned Sayid a sandwich. As the young boy delivers the food, we discover that it is young Ben... meaning that they don't have long before The Purge.

Well, that pretty much sums up the episode. Until next time, Namaste.


  1. I enjoy reading your summary. Since I seem to have the memory of a gnat, if you did not post this every week I doubt I would have a clue what was going on! It doesn't hurt that you write well too!

  2. Did you see Claire(?) in the background when Christian was talking to Sun and Lepidus?


  3. Thanks a lot guys. Glad I could be of use, haha. I'll try to keep it up!