Saturday, January 31, 2009

Reading is FUN!!!

Quick shout out to fellow blogger SubZero, who was nice enough to exchange links with us and give us a writeup on his blog, Tales From The Kryptonian. He's a longtime comic book fan and he lives in Germany, so he has some interesting insights from that perspective. He's got a cool setup right now where the more important and popular posts are linked for the convenience of new readers, so this is the perfect time to check it out. I've been digging through the archives myself, and discovered our blogs have something in common...

Ah, the great uniter. So yeah, you're gonna want to check that out.

Well, our damn PS3 is on the fritz and I rented Nick And Norah's Infinite Playlist on Blu-Ray, so we won't be able to watch that until tomorrow night when I switch it out for two rocks to bang together like a goddam, I mean a dvd. On the upside, I had a little spending money which I promptly threw on a pyre and sacrificed to the 'Books-A-Million' and 'Barnes & Noble' gods. I'm pretty excited about some of the bounties they rained down upon me...
Misfortune Wesley Stace Book Hipster Moustache Gogol Bordello
I got two 'real' books, Misfortune by Wesley Stace and The Fourth Bear by Jasper Fforde, both novels I haven't heard of before. Misfortune appears to be about sexual identity and weirdness in (I think) Victorian England. The Fourth Bear is part of the 'nursery crime' series, which sounds a lot like the cgi movie Hoodwinked or the first volume of Fables...a crime/mystery story in a fairy tale world. Be nice if it turns out to be as enjoyable as those were.
Fourth Bear Jasper Fford Nursery Crime Jack Spratt
The thing I was most excited to find was Marvel Visionaries : Walter Simonson vol.1, which collects the first 11 issues of Simonson's character-defining run on The Mighty Thor. Justin and I may be the only comic-geeks in the entire blogosphere who haven't read this run in it's entirety, so I'm psyched to finally see what all the fuss is about. I've been spoiled by quarter bins and Essentials/Showcase collections (if you're not 'in the know', Marvel and DC sell big 20-plus issue collections of their older stuff in black and white at very low prices) , so it irked me a bit to pay $30.00 for eleven issues that were published in the 80's. From what I hear, though, this is material that a. needs to be enjoyed in big, vibrant color and b. is worth the money. I have high hopes, since this is the run that brought us not only Beta Ray Bill, but also turned Thor into a hoppity-frog.
Thor Simonson beta Ray Bill Hammer

Thor Frog Simonson Mjolnir

I also got two collections of the current Captain America series, which chronicle Steve Roger's death and Bucky 'Winter Soldier' Barnes becoming Captain America in his place.Captain America 25 Brubaker Death Sharon CarterCaptain America 31 Brubaker Bucky Barnes Winter Soldier Red Skull Marvel I like this series quite a lot, although I do think it's just a tad overrated, maybe just because I also really liked Robert Kirkman's fun, lighthearted run before Ed Brubaker took the series in the dark, realistic direction that's proven so popular. It's easy for me to get behind a new take on a character if said character was languishing in comic book limbo or being written terribly before, but when one good creative team takes over from another I can't help missing the old even as I enjoy the new (I had the same problem with New X-Men when Kyle and Yost came on). Still, what I've read of this run's been good, and I love Crossbones (I was him for Halloween in '07!), so I'm looking forward to these.
Crossbones Captain America Marvel villain
I found a few really great deals yesterday too. The first volume of Brian Wood's Northlanders, the new Vertigo series about vikings I've heard only good things about, has a cover price of only $10 for 8 issues! Vertigo's pretty awesome about that. Some people complain about the quality of paper they use, but I say kudos to them for getting their (almost always good) books out there at such an affordable price. Northlander Sven the returned Brian Wood Davide Gianfelice DMZ

That wasn't the best deal I got, though, since I found two graphic novels I've been intending to check out on sale for $3.00 each! Elk's Run makes sense because it's a library copy (a library copy of a comic book that features full-frontal nudity, which likely explains why it's not in the library anymore), but the other, Prince of Persia just came out a couple weeks ago, so it's weird that they have it marked down so low already. Maybe they got bonus copies or something, cause they've got books on the shelves that haven't sold in like a year still at full price. I don't know.

Elk's Run comic joshua hale fialkov horse buggy speakeasy
I picked up the first issue of Elk's Run way back when it first came out and thought it had potential, but it didn't grab me enough to buy monthly. Now I get to pick up the entire series along with 100 extra pages (wow!) for the price of that one issue, which is exactly why I wait for the trades these days. Anyway, it's a 'small town has a dark secret' book, and was apparently quite well received. Prince of Persia is based on the video game series, but only tangentially. I read an interview in Game Informer with the franchise's creator, Jordan Mechner, about this book (as well as the upcoming movie) and how it's not an adaptation or continuation of the games (if I remember correctly, it's technically a prequel) because he thinks each medium has it's own strengths and deserves a story tailored to them. So, instead of getting someone to redraw a bunch of random images from the in-game cinemas and calling it a story (hello, Devil May Cry and Metal Gear Solid comics), he gets an iranian journalist to write it, and a husband/wife duo with backgrounds in childrens books and animation to illustrate it (very nicely). No idea how well this is gonna work out, for the quality of the story or the sales, but at least he gets points for thinking outside the box. Looking forward to reading it.prince of persia graphic novel sina leuyen pham alex puvilland
Right after I bought the Thor book and Northlanders I got in the car, and Immigrant Song came on the radio. Truly, mine monetary sacrifice doth please thy pagan gods of rawk!

Thor Frost Giants viking one-shot Matt Fraction
There's one other book I got, which I've already read, and it's a knockout. Full review on that later.

Friday, January 30, 2009


Ok, folks for the first time CRY HAVOK!!! is participating in Friday Night Fights! The grand tradition that started with Bahlactus continues with Spacebooger, and now we want our cut of the action...SO HERE COMES THE PAIN!!!

Abe Sapien BPRD B.P.R.D. Garden Of Souls Hellboy Mignola Del Toro decapitation sword
Abe Sapien BPRD B.P.R.D. Garden Of Souls Hellboy Mignola Del Toro decapitation swordAbe Sapien BPRD B.P.R.D. Garden Of Souls Hellboy Mignola Del Toro decapitation sword

Abe Sapien totally cuts a dude's head off in B.P.R.D. : Garden of Souls #5 by Mike Mignola, John Arcudi, and Guy Davis. It was awesome.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Lost... In Translation pt.2

Desmond Hume Lost Island Shotgun Drinking Whiskey Bottle Bathrobe
Well, folks, it's Wednesday night, so as you should all know, it's time for the second installment of my weekly summary, review and insights into the new season of Lost and damn was this episode... mysterious.

The episode last week ended suspensefully, with Ben being given a time limit on getting the Oceanic Six to return to the island. No small feat, considering the only one who wants to go is our drunk doctor friend, Iron Jack. Kate wants to protect Aaron, and refuses to go back, while Sun wants to kill Ben, and Hurley turns himself in for a triple homicide just to get away. Sadly, this episode did absolutely nothing to alleviate that suspense. The Oceanic Six were not shown even once in this episode. Instead it was all about this drunk bastard
Desmond Hume Lost Island Drunk

Desmond had been living comfortably off of the island for three years, aboard his boat with his wife, Penny, an
Penny Widmore Penelope Lostd his new son (whom he named Charlie. Awwwwwwww). In fact, the episode begins with Penny giving birth to the little runt. Soon after his son is born, Desmond decides to risk his whole family's life to try to get in touch with Daniel Faraday's mother, even going back to Great Britain, where Penny's dad and overall evil jerk Charles Widmore could find him. However, Dessy soon discovers that finding ol' Ms. Faraday isn't as easy as looking for the nearest 70 year old lady stumbling over her words and killing innocent little rats, brother.
Daniel Farraday Lost Island Weird Ground Jeremy Davies
While Desmond's searching, we get to see what the islanders are up to. The way we left off, Sawyer and Juliet were captured by several unknown others, until Locke rescued them, whereas the team led by Faraday made their way to the rendezvous point. I'd like to take a moment to point out that when this guy is your best choice for 'leader' it might be time to pick up a copy of The Art of War, but hey what do I know?

Anyways, As Daniel's team heads toward the aforementioned rendezvous, Charlotte states that she is feeling even worse, and despite the fact it's obvious Daniel knows what's wrong, even to her, he ain't telling. She doesn't have much time to press him for info, because a moment later, two no-namers get blowed up by landmines. Almost immediately, the unknown others burst out of the woods, taking Daniel and co. hostage. The boss of this group of others is a young girl named 'Ellie', who most likely has some sort of connection to 'Eloise'... and cryptically stating 'You just can't stay away, can you?' (paraphrased) before taking the whole group hostage.

Meanwhile, Locke's group has taken two surviving others hostage, and are leading them to the creek rendezvous place, when they start speaking to each other in Latin, at which point, Juliet starts conversing with them, also in Latin. She explains that learning Latin is 'Others 101'. By speaking to the two men, she manages to convince one of them (Helpful Hostile) to take the group to Richard Alpert, otherwise known as Count Dracula. At this point it's more or less confirmed these 'others' are the original natives of the island, or rather, 'The Hostiles'. Helpful Hostile's buddy (Hostile Hostile) disagrees with the idea of leading Locke's team to Richard, so he does... something... seemingly lethal... to his helpful brethren before running off.

At about the same time, Daniel's group is in the opposite situation, being held hostage andMiles Straume Naomi Lost Dead Channeling Island forcefully brought to Richard. On their way there, Miles chats with some dead American soldiers in the ground, and we learn that there is some serious motha-fuckin' radioactive poisoning happening. Eventually the group is delivered to Richard, who assumes Daniel is a U.S. soldier, and has come for his bomb. After much negotiation, Daniel finally manages to convince Richard to let him try to disarm the bomb, by claiming to be a military scientist, and confessing his love for Charlotte. Richard gives him the go-ahead, and Danny-boy goes trotting off into the jungle with Ellie, who's there to make sure he doesn't try anything funny. During this excursion, he mentions that Ellie reminds him very much of someone he used to know. He could be talking about a couple of people, but for my theory see the 'Theories' section at the bottom of the post.

Back in our time on our world, Desmond has gone to Oxford, seeking out Faraday's mother, and coming up short. There are apparently no records of any 'Faraday' ever being staffed there, so Desmond decides to explore on his own, looking in Daniel's old lab, where he finds nothing but abandoned equipment, and some creepy foreigner who tells Desmond that Daniel's records were stricken from the school 'because of what he did to that girl.', which of course, is never clearly explained to us. What we do find out, however, is that the girl's name is Theresa Spencer, and she's now a vegetable. According to her sister, Abigail, Daniel abandoned her like that, and (dundundun) Charles Widmore was taking care of her... oh, and (dundundun) he was also funding Daniel's research before that.

Meanwhile, back on the island, the other who was being held hostage by Locke's team (Hostile Hostile) returns to his camp to report to Richard, who bitches him out for possibly leading his pursuers back to the base. As the kid dismisses these charges as ridiculous, we see Locke and his posse spying on the camp. Sawyer and Juliet decide to go try to rescue Daniel, while Locke chooses the subtle approach of strutting into the camp yelling 'RICHARD!! HEY RICHARD ALPERT!! I WANNA TALK TO YOU RICHARD!! WHERE'S RICHARD?!'
Richard Alpert Lost Island never aging immortal
At this point, Daniel and Ellie are approaching the aforementioned hydrogen bomb, which is in fact, a big ass hydrogen bomb just hanging out in the field. Daniel inspects it, (The bomb has the name 'Jughead' written on the side, thus the name of this episode.) and then runs back to Ellie, and explains that he's from the future, and that burying this hydrogen bomb is an awesome idea. (He says it needs to be sealed in lead and concrete... So the true purpose of The Swan station may very well have been just to contain this hydrogen bomb. Thus, the fail-safe Desmond pulls later, and the huge white light and all that, was actually just the H-Bomb going off.) He explains to her that he knows that the island will be fine, because he's a time traveler and since the island is fine in fifty years, that the bomb's not really a threat. Ellie doesn't even have time to be confused before Sawyer hops in and holds her up at gunpoint.

Meanwhile, back in present time, on real Earth, Desmond (in an extremely unpredictable maneuver) storms into Charles Widmore's office, and basically gives him what for, brother. He squeezes Widmore for info as to the whereabouts of Faraday's mother, and Widmore spills like a two year old with a glass of milk. He warns Desmond that she is a private lady and will not like being disturbed, as well as begging hiDesmond Hume Lost island funnym to go back into hiding, his hatred for Desmond being replaced by his fear for Penny after Ben has promised to kill her. However, Desmond isn't good at letting things go, so he brushes off the warning, and after promising Penny to call off his search, he continues his search, further imperiling his wife and son.

The big shocking reveal of this episode comes towards the very end, as usual. As Locke and Richard are becoming reacquainted through time, Richard reprimands the young man who escaped from Locke for being so foolish. In this exchange, Richard calls the kid 'Widmore'. As in, Charles Widmore. (See why this is important in the theories section towards the bottom.)

Anyways, in the end, Locke fails to convince Richard completely of who he is, and suddenly time shifts again, this time leaving only Locke, Sawyer, Juliet, Daniel, Charlotte, and Miles behind, with no more clues on where to go or how. The last thing we see is Charlotte's nose beginning to spurt blood before she collapses, and Daniel rushing to her side...

Theories:Charles Widmore Lost Island Security

First off, the easy one. Charles Widmore was apparently one of The Hostiles, as we now know. My guess is that he was in line to become The Leader (A long process that starts at a young age, according to Dracula) but was replaced when Richard found Ben Linus. Perhaps Widmore even had to move the island at some point in the past, same as Ben, and that's why Widmore is incapable of getting back to the island, and why he left to begin with. This would also explain Widmore's accusations that Ben stole everything from him.
Ms. Miss Hawking Lost Eloise Desmond Hume Island
The other theory I have kind of vaguely formed is that Ellie is Daniel Faraday's mother, and that she is also Ms. Hawking. It would make sense for Ms. Hawking to be Daniel's mother, considering they tend to work in a lot of the same fields, and the ages sort of match. Also, Daniel's rat is named Eloise, and it would make sense for him to name it after his mother. Ellie=Eloise Hawking. What do you guys think? This would also explain the mystery currently surrounding Daniel's mother in the Desmond storyline, and Widmore's warning.Eloise Desmond's rat the constant

And this isn't really a theory, but I just noticed tonight a lot of correlations (or homages) being made with Daniel Faraday/Ms. Hawking with the world famous physicist Dr. Stephen Hawking. The naming being only the first connection, other important ones include:

-Daniel was a professor at Oxford, and Stephen Hawking was born in Oxford.
-Stephen Hawkings book A Brief History of Time Stephen Hawking pimpinghas been shown on Lost a couple of times, and it has a lot to do with time travel
-Almost all of Stephen Hawkings' work has been with mathematics, time-space theory, and pretty much everything else Lost is about.

I'm seeing all of this more as an homage than an actual clue or plot-point, but I just figured it was worth mentioning.

Well, that pretty much wraps up this week's Lost stuff. Overall, the episode was pretty good, although I would have liked to see some of the Oceanic Six. I like the characters on the island, but I kind of tune out when it comes to time travel stuff, so overall I'm definitely enjoying things much more on the other side of the world. I'm hoping next episode will give me my fill of single, continuous time lines, and judging by the preview, it should.

Catch you guys next week.


Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Hulk vs Wolverine and Thor

We finally watched this and it does not disappoint. Both of the segments are between 35 and 45 minutes, but they feel longer. We were expecting a couple of simple brawl-fests, but there's actually a lot more to them than that, including more fan pampering cameos than you could hope for. Both stories were written by Christopher Yost and Craig Kyle, the former writing team for the New X-Men comics, so we knew they were in good hands. And like their run on that book, Hulk Vs gets violent, sometimes shockingly so, especially in the Wolverine segment.
Wolverine vs Hulk Logan Bruce Banner marvel James Howlett superhero fight
Logan is called in to hunt down The Hulk after the destruction of a small town in Canada. We think Wolverine is still working for Department H at this point, like he was in the comics, though it's possible he's just on loan from the X-Men. After a short slugfest, both Hulk and Logan are hit with tranquilizer darts by a squad of Weapon X soldiers. This cartoon plays loose and fast with the comic book mythology (Alcohol actually gets Logan drunk), so they pretty much put Logan's main villains all together as the Weapon X team whether they ever really were part of it or not. This works fine for us, since it allows Sabretooth, Omega Red, Lady Deathstrike, and DEADPOOL!!! to all guest star together. The 'Pool is less of the fourth-wall breaking manic nutcase he is in comics these days, and more of the smartass mercenary he was in his early appearances, but he does get a couple of good lines. ( Professor Thornton : "We've put a lot of time and effort into you, Logan." Deadpool : "And pointy things!")

The professor wants to brainwash The Hulk and Wolverine into weapons of war, cause that's kind of his whole 'thing', y'know. It's weird, actually, Thornton appears to the only non-combatant in the entire facility. Besides the X-Mercs and about a dozen guards for Logan to slice through, the whole place seems deserted. Maybe Logan killed all the other scientists the first time they brainwashed him into a war machine? We actually see him get a pretty good start on that in a flashback. The flashback also uses the iconic image of Logan getting pumped full of adamantium and sprouting random metal spikes all over his body, which is cool looking even if it doesn't make any sense. Hey, that should've happened to Deathstrike at the end of X2. That would've been sweet.Wolverine vs Hulk Logan Bruce Banner marvel James Howlett superhero fightThe Hulk is more of a plot point in this segment than a full-fledged co-star. Logan of course gets free, and the next several minutes are him fighting the Weapon X guys and freeing a drugged up Bruce Banner. More clawing, then Bruce finally shakes off the groggies enough to hulk out and wrecks everybody's shit. The End.

Hulk Vs Wolverine loses points for not being named Wolverine Vs Sabretooth, Omega Red, Lady Deathstrike and DEADPOOL!!! (guest-starring The Incredible Hulk!), but it's still a hell of a lot of fun. The animation's a mixed's energetic and smooth, but some of the faces are really weird looking, and Logan's physique is just wonky. The voice work and sound were fine but nothing to write blog about (phrase: coined). It definitely earns it's PG-13 rating with some blood(which promptly disappears along with the wounds when the healing factors kick in) and a surprising amount of dismemberments, including a graphic but strangely bloodless one for the 'Pool. So watch it, but maybe not with small children. Or do watch it with them. Or let them watch it while you're out selling drugs all day and they have to fend for themselves. Shit's on your head, not ours.
Wolverine vs Hulk Logan Bruce Banner marvel James Howlett superhero fightHulk vs Thor Asgard marvel superhero animated cartoon Bruce Banner
Hulk vs Thor is more appropriate for the kiddies, unless you're some sort of religious zealot that rails against the existance of any belief systems besides yours (even the pretty much defunct ones), in which case you really need to chill your ass out. We cool? All right.
Hulk vs Thor Asgard marvel superhero animated cartoon Bruce Banner
We're not quite as familiar with Thor lore as we are with Wolverine storytell-ine, so we're not sure if the set up for this one is comic-accurate or not. Odin, king of the gods, keeps it real all year long, but he has to stop for a nap each winter. During this time Asgard is vulnerable, so all the frost giants and trolls hurry right over to get their asses handed to them by Thor and company, year after year. This year, though, Thor's eeeevilllll step-brother Loki has a new trick up his sleeve. He magically extracts Bruce Banner from The Hulk and takes control of Ol' Jade Jaws himself, which leads to some really disturbing scenes of the Hulk smilling eeevilllyyyy and talking like a Bond villain. Holki makes unfortunately short work of this segment's awesome guest stars, The Warriors Three, who are in character but get shafted on screen time. Also, Volstagg's voice felt off.
Warriors Three fandral, Holgun, Volstagg Hulk vs Thor Asgard marvel superhero animated cartoon Bruce Banner
The Hulk faceoff is more of the focus here (even if he is being remote controlled by Loki a lot of the time), and it's well done. Thor's hammer makes a metallic 'CLANG' when it hits Hulk's flesh, which sounds really painful while also demonstrating that the Hulk's tough as hell. The only letdown here was the music, which is typical cartoon fight music. I had to supply Led Zeppelin's Immigrant Song with my own mouth, which I think Justin really appreciated, even if he did think it was supposed to be the Rocky theme.
 hulk vs thor asgard marvel superhero animated cartoon bruce bannerThis next paragraph is pretty spoilery, so skip it if you care.

In a fairly awesome plot twist, Loki gets frustrated and kills the crap out of Bruce Banner. But then his hold on The Hulk gets broken and the 'embodiment of rage' beats Thor almost to death and turns his attention to Asgard and Odin himself, which is apparently further than Loki intended to go. This leads to the two step-brothers teaming up (in the loosest sense of the term) to retrieve Banner's soul from Hel, where we guess Asgardians go after death if they're not badass enough to make it into Valhalla. In a Buffy Season 6-like twist, Banner's actually finally at peace in the afterlife, and doesn't want to come back to his Hulk-haunted life again. We won't ruin the ending for you, but considering that either A. Bruce makes the sacrifice and gets the Hulk under control, or B. Mindless Hulk kills everyone and destroys Asgard, you can probably figure it out.

Hulk vs Thor was a fun romp that could have been better with more of The Warriors Three and an epic guitar riff that busts out everytime Thor summons lightening with his hammer and the power of heavy metal. Hulk vs Thor Asgard marvel superhero animated cartoon Bruce Banner

We do love Thor, but for certified X-Manchildren like us the Wolverine segment was more exciting. Your favorite of the two films will likely be decided the same way, since both are quite entertaining and well worth a watch.

Now here's some more pics of Thor being Totally Metal!!!

Hulk vs Thor Asgard marvel superhero animated cartoon Bruce Banner

Hulk vs Thor Asgard marvel superhero animated cartoon Bruce Banner

Hulk vs Thor Asgard marvel superhero animated cartoon Bruce Banner

Thor Rocks metal hammer

Sif loves Thor dead carrying crisis pose rainbow asgard

Thor frog Thorfrog hammer mjolnir

Hulk vs Thor Asgard marvel superhero animated cartoon Bruce Banner Beta Ray Bill

Monday, January 26, 2009

When Nothing Else is Happening...

Justin here, folks. Sorry I haven't been sounding off much lately, but I haven't been DOING much lately either, and since I don't have any books, movies, or games to review here, I'll just write about my weekend, which, as it turned out, was fairly exciting. As Nick mentioned in his last blog, this weekend was mine and my girlfriend's one year anniversary, and we celebrated by getting a hotel in Panama City Beach (Which is where all the douchebags go for spring break, but if you go in January, it's pretty cool.) and partaking in various activities about the toKraken Underwater Shooterwn. The first thing we did was go to a cool old-school little arcade called Funland that looks like it's been around forever, and considering Mia's mom went there after her junior prom, it might have. We spent twenty dollars just playing Time Crisis and this strange little shooting game where you're both underwater and you're tasked with the mass murder of every kind of aquaic life you come across, and each level ends with you fighting some kind of mythological sea creature, such as 'Leviathan' or 'Kraken'. Aside from the boss fights, which were all pretty awesome, the game does a pretty good job of scaring the shit out of you. It's a rail game, and it makes good use of it's ability to have you spin around and be a second away from getting chomped by a shark, or getting all wrapped up in a frenzied battle with eels or tentacley beasts like the aforementioned and pictured Kraken. Funland was overall a pretty awesome experience aside from a creepy drunk/mentally handicapped janitor who crashed a child's birthday party and a register lady in the resaurant who called me 'hon' no less than fifty times in our short acquaintance and is apparently incapable of moving the two feet to the drink machine, opting instead to try to get the drink guys attention for about five minutes so I can get a refill from him instead.

The weekend's surprise awesomeness, though, happened in Pier Park, which is like a huge outdoor shopping mall. They have a place called 'Lazer Craze/Mirror Maze', which is way more awesome than it sounds. The mirror maze half of the store is basically what you'd expect, A trippy maze made out of mirrors, pictured below.Mirror Maze But the laser craze is an all new excitement, at least to me. Basically, it's a long hallway with a mock-up laser security system, where you have to try to climb over, crawl under, or squeeze through laser beams, and hit a button on the other side in the shortest time possible. Anime Laser Girl Laser Room Lazer CrazeEach time you break a laser, it speeds up your time, and it's surprisingly difficult, for a tourist trap. At the beginning and the end, there are parts where not breaking a laser is virtually impossible for an adult. My end time was 143 seconds, and I hit about 3 lasers. My time was briefly at the ranking of 10th place for the whole day, but that was broken by some military guy (read: Splinter Cell) who low crawled through the whole thing right before we left, denying me my moment in the sun. Sam Fisher Splinter Cell NV NVG Night Vision Goggles Upside downThe pricing for these amusements is a little steep, being about $7.50 each, or both for $13.00 per person, however, you are allowed to do each of them three times, which makes the money worth it, especially considering I've never seen or been through a laser room, and it's very fun, even though it's a little short. Overall, the Mirror Maze/Lazer Craze duo was the highlight of Pier Park, so check it out if you're in the area, or have something similar around you. Note: When we get the pictures developed, we'll have real photos of us in each of these.

Other than that, we also went shopping at Borders, where I got several of the graphic novel collections of the awesome series, Preacher. We have the whole collection in single issuJesse Custer Preacher Garth Ennis Steve Dillon Page Panel Comic Issuee form, but I strongly prefer graphic novels, and since I'm going to re-read the whole series soon, I decided to pick up the collections. If you haven't read Preacher, it's an amazing comic book series following Jesse Custer, a small town preacher (and my personal hero) who receives the power of The Genesis, which gives him the ability to make people do whatever he says, and simultaneously blows his church to shit. He then goes on a quest to find God, more or less just to make him apologize and share a few choice words. It's by far Garth Ennis's best work, and his trademark sense of humor and awesome are on full display. What really sets Preacher apart, however, is it's thematic elements, with powerful views on patriotism, love, friendship, and heroism in general. Jesse has superpowers, but he's not a superhero. He's an ex-preacher with a horrible past, girlfriend issues, bad habits, a best friend, and the kind of honor and values you only end up with if your father raised you as a cowboy. His best friend is a vampire, but he's not exactly Twilight or anything by Anne Rice. He's a drunk Irishman who lost his brother in the World War, and has never really gotten over it, and he can be a right bastard. His girlfriend is a hitwoman, but more often than not she's just a strong feminine presence trying to get Jesse to stop being such a chauvinistic John Wayne wannabe. Oh, and John Wayne's in it, too. Preacher is very hard to explain, but trust me when I say it's fucking good. So good, it's probably my favorite comic of all time, (Equal to Watchmen, The Sandman, and Hellblazer)and if that's not a glowing recommendation, I don't know what is, so if you haven't read it, do so. Stop reading this blog if you have to. And that's not even mentioning Steve Dillon's art. He defines the term 'amazing in it's simplicity'. How can a person put so much emotion in a face while drawing only about four lines?Jesse Custer Preacher KKK Garth Ennis Steve Dillon Page Panel Comic Issue
I also bought the collection of Grant Morisson's The Filth so you can expect a review of that soon.

Aside from all that excitement, I also decided to finally buy a copy of Hard-Boiled, and I won't even bother explaining why, because that picture to the left should be all the explanation necessary.

Well, aside from that, nothing else happened, really. I bought a co
py of Syberia for Nintendo DS, because I have fond memories of it on Xbox, and Mia needs something to do while I'm playing my PS3. For those who don't know, Syberia was a really cool, stylish, and weird puzzle game that pretty much slipped completely under the radar. It follows Kate Walker, a young up-and-coming lawyer from New York who has traveled to Europe to help her client purchase The Voralberg Automaton Factory. I won't talk about it too much, so as not to ruin the story, but it involves an awesome automaton companion with a british accent, woolly mammoths, and a psychotic stalker obsessed with a piano player in a hellish abandoned factory. It's definitely worth a buy if you dig puzzle/mystery games, and it's cheap. We paid $20 for a brand new copy on the DS, and the years old Xbox version is probably even cheaper now.

Syberia Screen Shot Screenshot Kate Walker Automaton

Sunday, January 25, 2009

No idea how I missed this, but I have to share fake movie trailer I've ever seen, even if the movie looks like it would be really, really cheesy.

Justin's m.i.a. once again, but this time he has a good excuse: he's out celebrating his one-year anniversary. With Mia. Holy crap, that m.i.a. thing was a total accident! It's a very late X-mas miracle.

Santa Slay bill goldberg angry evil clause
Well, I really don't have much to say tonight, and my bed time draws near. We should be getting hold of that Hulk vs Wolverine/Thor dvd tomorrow, so stay tuned for that. As requested, I'll leave you with some butt shots.

female venom ass butt marvel comic superhero

female venom ass butt marvel comic superhero

Green Lantern Hal Jordan ass butt fall funny comic DC

Blob X-men Xmen brotherhood of evil mutants villain marvel comics

Daredevil Marvel Comics Matt Murdock Gay Innuendo