Sunday, January 18, 2009

Introductions are in order...

We're brothers from Florida, aspiring to all sorts of artistic pursuits. This blog will be a lot of random thoughts and reviews of things we're interested in, as well as (hopefully) a chronicle of our progress as we work on our own stuff. We're gonna keep the personal info short and sweet for now, just to get this sucker in full swing. Nick is 25, works at a video store, and is bisexual, so he'll be gaying the place up. Justin is 21, manages an ice cream shop (despite being an ex-con), and is so vanilla he's never even thought about having sex with anything but his long term girlfriend in the missionary position. We're really eclectic in our interests, so the topics are gonna be all over the place. Let's break it down a little so you'll know what to expect...

Things we're really interested in :

Movies and filmmaking, comics (mainstream and indie), books (new and classic), video games (kind of limited for now on that; we have a Ps3, Gamecube, and DS), Tv series, Paranormal stuff, gay issues, and funny pictures on the interwebs:funny mullet time travel guy blond personal adThings we're interested in, but maybe not as obsessive and knowledgeable about : Manga and anime, music, animals, mythology, history, etc.

and pet peeves: : radio rock (especially Nickelback), intolerance and prosecution, people who won't watch a good movie just because it's subtitled, willful ignorance, and sometimes Keanu Reeves (for Justin, always Keanu Reeves).

So, that's more or less what we're all about. So please, bookmark us, leave us comments...FEEED USSSS!!!
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