Tuesday, January 20, 2009

You're Barackin' my world

So, predictably, we both slept through the actual inauguration today (why can't they do it at 3am, when the cool people are awake?) but we did watch it online just now. The flubbed oath was unfortunate, but the speech itself was quite good. It's weird after eight years to hear a president say multiple sentences in a row without making up or combining two words together (or just stopping and going 'uh' for a couple minutes). We don't really have a lot to analyze here, because he really didn't get into details. Really, he just summed up what he's been saying throughout his campaign, which is fine for an inauguration speech. We'll have to wait and see how he plans to implement his ideas into the day-to-day process of pulling this country back from the brink of disaster.

A lot of Obama's detractors have been saying his ego is swollen, that he believes his own hype, and there may be some truth to this, sure. Personally, we're just glad there is hype. When's the last time anyone was actually excited about the president? We live in a very, very conservative area, and you hear a lot of republican support around here, but very little George W. love. It seems like even the conservatives only voted for him out of fear of the alternative, and resistance to change. But it's true that Obama is just a man, not a messiah. He's going to make mistakes, and all us young people who got all excited about politics for the first time this election need to be ready for that. No matter how many pictures on the internet tell you Obama is Superman, he's not. He's not Captain America, either.


Barack Obama is Cyclops.

Barack Hussein Obama cyclops X-Men leader marvel presidentMark my words, if Michelle Obama was thought dead, but really coccooned at the bottom of a river, Barack would go find someone who looks just like her, make babies, then ditch the whole family when Michelle came back. And if she died again, he'd go to the Playboy mansion and find the bitchiest playmate there, then make her his Vice President while also givin' it to her regular. Then when she flipped out he'd shoot her, cause that's just how he rolls.

Actually, Clinton was Cyclops too.

Listen, the point is, through all of his ups and downs, when Cyclops is at work, he's At Work, and he's remained a good to great leader throughout. And that's how we see Obama.

Here's how we see the departing regime.

George Walker Bush Dick Cheney Magneto Toad Brotherhood Evil Mutants

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  1. Yeah I was kinda bummed about the oath mess up too, until I read that it was the Justice of whatever's fault (the guy that swore him in) and not Obama's. Then I was just mad at that guy.