Sunday, January 25, 2009

No idea how I missed this, but I have to share fake movie trailer I've ever seen, even if the movie looks like it would be really, really cheesy.

Justin's m.i.a. once again, but this time he has a good excuse: he's out celebrating his one-year anniversary. With Mia. Holy crap, that m.i.a. thing was a total accident! It's a very late X-mas miracle.

Santa Slay bill goldberg angry evil clause
Well, I really don't have much to say tonight, and my bed time draws near. We should be getting hold of that Hulk vs Wolverine/Thor dvd tomorrow, so stay tuned for that. As requested, I'll leave you with some butt shots.

female venom ass butt marvel comic superhero

female venom ass butt marvel comic superhero

Green Lantern Hal Jordan ass butt fall funny comic DC

Blob X-men Xmen brotherhood of evil mutants villain marvel comics

Daredevil Marvel Comics Matt Murdock Gay Innuendo

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