Friday, April 3, 2009

FRIDAY NIGHT FIGHTS One Panel o' Pain round 7

Tonight's panel 0' pugilism is from one of the more one-sided fights to ever grace the funnybook pages, as Superman completely PWNS Ven-

Venom Superman Jackson Guice All Access...wait...what?

We don't actually have this issue (we found these scans on 4thletter!, which is well worth checking out), but there's no indication that Superman has kryptonite-cancer or Venom is possessed by an Elder God or anything, which means according to this comic Spider-Man would have a pretty good shot at taking down the man of steel, which is so retarded it just gave me erectile dysfunction.

And it just gets worse from there, as this extra-special(needs) bonus page demonstrates :

 venom=We'd like to tell you that the next page is a big shot of the real (non-mulleted) Superman grabbing Venom and saying " You've ruined your last costume party, creature!" before throwing him through the sun. But it isn't. In fact, this is the end of the fight, as Venom gets teleported back to the marvel universe. So there you go.

All Access #1 is by Ron Marz and Jackson Guice, may god have mercy on their souls.

Now go over to Spacebooger's and vote on your favorite panel. We're really banking on the all-important 'Venom Lovers' demographic this week, so, y'know, feeling pretty good about that decision.

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