Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Lost... In Translation pt. 10

Miles Straume picture Ben Linus lost Michael Emerson Ken LeungHello, everyone. Sad news tonight over here at Cry Havok... This will be the last post on this blog. Nick's ability to write frequently has been destroyed by a doubled work schedule, and my willingness to write (which wasn't very high to start with) has decreased as I attempt to pursue other creative... pursuits.

That being said, it's not ALL bad, because we all have an absolutely awesome episode of Lost to comfort us this week. 'Dead is Dead' might very well be one of the best episodes of this season. It was Ben-centric, which tells you everything you need to know right off the bat. ALSO, Ben is getting judged by the Monster, which automatically sky-rockets this episode into Lost history.

Another thing this episode did very well was something that should be nearly impossible. Making Ben into a decent human being... kind of. He refuses to kill a baby, first off, which is something I thought Ben would relish, and he even decides not to kill Penny because she has a kid she has to take care of, even though that bitch is Widmore's daughter!!

Last but not least, he even feels regret for the death of his daughter, at the hands of the awesome mercenary Keamy.
Martin Keamy Ben Linus Kevin Durand Michael Emerson Lost fight sceneIn other news, Locke is Jesus now. He IS the fucking island.
And Caesar's dead. We barely knew ya'... In fact, we still have no fucking clue who you are. You're not really dead, are you? I mean, Ben DID shoot you in the chest at close range with a sawed-off shotgun.Well, if you're wondering what REALLY happened in this episode, the important part is this. Locke meets up with Sun and Lapidus on the main island, with Ben, and they go off into the woods to let Ben receive his judgement from Cerberus for allowing Alex to die (sans Lapidus, who returns to the secondary island to try to fix the plane.).

In the end, Ben is judged, and apparently found worthy. However, Alex (as an apparition of the smoke monster) tells him that Locke's the man now, and he needs to be a good boy or she/it will fuck him up, hard... Ben appears to listen, however as the master manipulater and liar, I don't necessarily suspect Ben will obey his commands.
The other interesting point of the show popped up when Lapidus arrived back at Hydra Island, and is warned that Alanna has taken over the island, and has the guns to back it up. As he confronts her, she asks 'what's in the shadow of the statue?', and when he tells her he doesn't know, she knocks him out...

The MOST exciting thing however, is next week will be a MILES episode (finally.).

But hey, from here on out, you guys are going to have to remember what happened on Lost by yourselves, because I'm out. Namaste.

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