Friday, April 10, 2009

So long, and thanks for all the fists!

Well, it was fun while it lasted, but we're gonna have to go ahead and retire from blogging. It's time we got serious about art school, which means A) working more and saving money (I'm about to start a new job, and the schedule is 7 days straight every other week, ten hours a day, in addition to my regular job), and B) focusing on our own stories and art. It feels great to just write something and have people read it every couple days, but every word I type for this blog is a word I'm not typing for the multitude of comics, films, short stories and novels that are swirling around unrealized in my head, y'know?

Thanks to the folks who followed the site, and the fellow bloggers who linked to us. Blogging is a lot more challenging and time consuming than it appears, and the folks who can keep it up on a regular basis deserve many respeck knuckles. Also, props to Spacebooger for hosting the Friday Night Fights, which were a lot of fun.

We're gonna leave the blog up for now, and as our labors start bearing fruit we may use it as a sort of showcase or something. Our various projects will need a web presence, after all.

No, CRY HAVOK!!! is not dead, it merely sleeps, and one day all the whores and politicians will shout "Save us!"...and we'll scratch ourselves and grumble "Show us your boobs." because that's just how we roll.


  1. Sad news. Nevertheless, life ( and work ) comes first. Thanks for bringing the funny and keep us posted on your projects. Remember : bloggers never say die, mein Freund !