Friday, February 6, 2009

Hey, folks, we've been watching and reading a lot of great stuff lately, while finding very little time to write about it. This is a situation we intend to rectify asap, but for now I want you to run to wherever DVDs are sold and buy Tokyo Gore Police. Trust me, this can't wait. You need to leap to your feet, knocking the computer table over (or tossing your laptop over your shoulder), and put the pedal all the way to the metal until that little plastic case is in your hands. Right. Now.

Or, y'know whenever's convenient for you. So, it seems Steven Spielberg and Will Smith are planning to remake the powerful, mindfucking Korean film Oldboy. To be fair, they are supposedly going to be adapting the original manga rather than the film, and there are apparently quite a few differences between the two. I haven't read the manga, so I can't really comment there. All I know is that the film was a haunting story about isolation, revenge, and well, incest.

Here's what I imagine the Hollywood version will be like.

fun fact : The last half of the video, where they plow an SUV through the Cuban slums for like half an hour, leaving a path of explosions and shattered dreams behind them? I actually shortened that up for the video. When you're watching the movie, you realize hey, our heroes are driving through innocent poor people's houses...and then they just keep going and going, until you simply can't believe what you're watching. No way they didn't kill at least a dozen unsuspecting citizens. All to get where? Guantanamo Bay, I shit you not. So now you know why the rest of the world hates us : Bad Boys II.

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