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Lost... In Translation pt. 4

Rest in peace, sweet princess
Rebecca Mader Charlotte Lewis Lost island
Yes, even I have a heart, and that's why, for the remainder of this post, I'm going to pretend Charlotte Lewis was one of my favorite characters. Why? Because you're about the closest thing I got to a friend... and because she's gone... Well, at least now we get to go kill somebody. Yeah, there's a Sawyer quote for your ass.

Ok, let's get started. First off, let me start by saying that with the exception of a few moments, this has been the weakest episode of the season. Nothing particularly unexpected or awesome happened, (again, with one or two exceptions) and overall it just wasn't as exciting as usual... so i apologize if this post isn't quite as exciting as usual either.

Like last episode, this one hopped between The Island and L.A., so I'm gonna cover the island first, and then L.A.Danielle Rousseau Alex Lost Island

This episode picks up where last one left off on the island, with Jin becoming acquainted (or rather, reacquainted) with a young, daughter-bearing Danielle Rousseau, and meeting her team for the first time. As they chat, it slowly dawns on our hero that he is not in the right 'when' and he tries to explain in broken english his situation, but fails. After much confused conversation the Korean man and the large group of French people reach an understanding that they should go to the radio tower to find the source of the distress call, and Jin can go from the tower to the beach. However, on the path to the tower, Rousseau's team meets up with a very familiar enemy.

As a member of the team named Nadine goes missing, they begin to hear a familiar series of noises. Jin tries to tell them that they should seriously be hauling ass, but some asshole blonde guy (presumably the leader) tells him to shut up. At this point, it's safe to assume that Cerberus (more commonly referred to as the 'smoke monster') is probably going to drag this guy through the forest to one of it's vents, where his friends will try to save him, but will instead rip off his arm in a futile 'tug-of-war'. Luckily for us, this happens exactly, and it's good. That's the last time some blonde french guy will tell Jin what to do.

UNPREDICTABLY, however, blondie begins calling for help from down in the vent, and I guess he was a good enough guy after all that all his buddies care enough about him to go after him. Even Rousseau wants to hop down into the pits of hell, until Jin tells her to get her pregnant ass to get out, right before there's a bright flash and he disappears.
Jin Lost island Ninja woods forest
He ends up only a few days later than he was, and comes upon where Rousseau's men made camp, and he reunites with them, only to find them mostly dead. He hears Danielle screaming at her boyfriend (Robert), and when he runs over to see what's happening, he discovers her pointing a gun at her baby daddy and screaming about him being sick. He claims that he's ok, and explains that Cerberus is just a security system for the temple on the island. Eventually Robert convinces Danielle that he's all good, but as soon as she puts the gun down, he tries to shoot her. She responds by blowing his ass away... so quick. Then she turns on Jin, trying to shoot him too, but he runs away. and then FLASH.

This time he ends up right in front of another gun, but the good news is, this gun belongs to Sawyer. After a merry reunion, the team explains what's happening to Jin, through Charlotte's crazy Korean translation powers. The group decides to continue towards the orchard, howevever, they're hit by another FLASH.


After two successive flashes, the entire team is pretty much in pain, and it seems like everyone's bleeding except for Daniel and Locke. The beautiful and genius Charlotte, however, is bleeding quite a bit more than everyone else. She starts blabbering in Korean to Jin, and finally ends up translating herself. She says that Locke must NOT bring the others back to the island. The whole scene is pretty creepy, and she finishes with 'This Place Is Death!' Hence, the name of the episode.
John Locke James Sawyer Ford Lost Island Terry O'Quinn Josh Holloway rope
After she's done with her awesome little episode, Locke and Sawyer (our HEROES) decide to leave her to die so they can hurry to the orchid. Then there's another flash, and we learn that Charlotte loves Geronimo Jackson, and tells our heroes that if the Orchid isn't there in the time they arrive, to look for the well. They tip their hats to the fair maiden, and with the exception of Daniel (who stays behind to be with his lady love) they head to The Orchid, and arrive just in time for it to disappear... luckily, however, the well Charlotte mentioned is nearby.

As the beautiful and daring Charlotte approaches death, she tells Daniel a story. She tells him that she grew up on the island as part of Dharma (further evidence Charlotte isDaniel faraday Jeremy Davies Rebecca Mader Charlotte Lewis Widmore's other daughter.). She was forced to leave as a youngster, and has been trying to return ever since, even though her mother tried to convince her that both the island, and the cake, were a lie. She remembers one time when a crazy guy came running out of the woods, telling her that she had to leave the island, and if she ever came back, she would die...

She realizes right before she dies, that the man was Daniel.

Then she dies.

Meanwhile, back at the well... Locke prepares to go down the rope to go turn the wheel thingie, but first Jin makes him promise not to bring back Sun. He gives Locke his ring, and tells him to give it to Sun, as proof of his death. Locke promises, and heads on down the well. Halfway throught the trip, however, there's another flash, and Locke drops the rest of the distance, and the well seals over. He hits the ground, and predictably, John suffers yet ANOTHER crippling leg injury. This time his bone's popping out, too. Ugh. Oh, and Christian's there, too.
Christian Shepard John Locke Terry O'Quinn
Yep. Christian approaches Locke below the earth, and tells him that he still has to carry out his mission. He tells him that it was a mistake to let Ben move the island, and now he has to fix it. And yes, he will die. Locke is still dedicated though, and manages to stand up on a leg with a protruding bone just to go turn a wheel so he can die. The man's got dedication. The last thing we see is him turning the wheel...
Ben Linus Henry Gale Michael Emerson Lost Island
And then there's the group in L.A. last we saw of these guys, everyone excluding Hurley was at the docks, and tensions were pretty high to begin with. They get even higher once Sun pulls her gat and blows ben's head off... Or well, threatens to anyways. Ben takes the spring out of her step by telling her Jin is still alive, and he can prove it.

At this point, Kate gets all pissy and motherly and runs off with Aaron, and Sayid, realizing Jack and Ben's intentions, leaves as well, and threatens the two with unpleasantness if their paths ever cross again. As they exit the stage, Ben volunteers to take Jack and Kate to the person who can get them back to the island. On the way there, he also stops and lays down the fucking law when Jack starts getting mouthy.

In the last scene of the episode, they arrive at the cathedral which we know is where Ms. Hawking hangs out. Ben gives Sun the wedding ring, and she agrees to go to the island with him. As they are about to enter, Desmond suddenly shows up. He's here to find Daniel's mom, which we had already assumed was Ms. Hawking. The merry band enters to meet the old lady, so they can be on their way back to the island. She agrees to just send the four of them back if she has to, and then boom, credits.

So there you are. As I stated before, it was a bit slower than the last few episodes, and practically pales in comparison to the season premiere, but it's really more set-up than anything. The next episode looks to be pretty intense, but who knows?
Desmond shirtless bloody sweaty dirty Hume

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  1. LOVE that last caption. haha. And I totally didn't realize that that was Locke's bone. I thought it was just a stick or something lodged into it. Man am I an idiot. haha.