Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Lost... In Translation pt. 3

John Locke Jack Shephard Shepherd James Sawyer Ford Sayid Jarrah Terry O'Quinn Matthew Fox Josh Holloway Naveen Andrews Lost Island Fight vs.It's Wednesday night, folks, so you all know it's time for my look at the newest episode of Lost and this one was pretty good. It was full of epic surprises, so it might even be more spoilery than the last few. Do not read this if you haven't seen the latest episode, just look at the funny alt text on the pictures than read some of our old posts. They're better the second time around anyways.

First off, this was a pretty Oceanic Six-centric episode, but it did have a pretty good amount of the islander's scenes on it. For clearness sake, I'm going to go over what happened on the island first, and then say what happened back in L.A.. As we all know, the last episode ended with Locke, Sawyer, Juliet, Daniel, Charlotte, and Miles flashing through time again. This time Charlotte fell unconscious, bleeding out the face like crazy.
Charlotte Lewis Juliet Burke Daniel Faraday Farraday Juliette Lost Island Jeremy Davies
Well, with this episode, we pick up where we left off, as Daniel and the others try to revive Charlotte and fix her up. While Juliet is busy grilling Daniel about whether he knows what is wrong or not, Sawyer and Locke step off to the side to discuss their next course of action. Locke tells Sawyer that he thinks they should go back to The Orchid, for no reason other than 'That's where it started. Maybe that's where it will end.' His plan is to turn the funny wheel thing like Ben did, possibly moving the island again, with the hopes that it will bring the Oceanic Six back. At first Sawyer disagrees, but is ultimately convinced by the idea that he might get to see Kate again. As this decision is reached, Charlotte revives, and the gang go on their merry way to The Orchid.Terry O'Quinn John Locke James Sawyer Ford Josh Holloway Lost Island

The general plan they decide on is to return to the beach where their little boat thingy was. On the way there, however, they are misdirected by the light from The Swan. Yep, the same light Locke saw the night Boone died. At the same time, too of course. Locke makes them give the hatch a wide berth, leading them to the scene of Claire giving birth to Aaron way back when. Sawyer see's Kate, but ultimately chooses not to affect the past, and just watches longingly. However, soon he is torn away from the scene by another flash, and the accompanying time change.

The gang decides to continue their path to the beach, and along the way, Miles confesses to Daniel that he got a nosebleed, but didn't tell everyone so they wouldn't all flip out. Daniel admits that he has a theory about the nosebleeds and such, and explains he thinks it has something to do with long-term exposure to the island. Miles argues this by stating that the others in the group have all been here for months, while he's never been there before until a couple of week ago. Daniel asks him cryptically if he's sure about that... Hmm... so Miles has been to the island before, but forgot? Or something. I dunno.

Shortly after that, the group arrives at the beach, only to find that the tents are all in ruins, and the boat they came after is gone... However, there are two other really old looking canoe's, with bottles of water from an Indian Airline. So they did what any sensible heroes would do, and stole one of the boats, continuing with their original plan. However, they only get to row for one short scene before the other boat comes up behind them, and starts shooting at them, putting a hole in Sawyer's oar. Just as Juliet begins returning fire, there is another time flash, and suddenly the other boat is gone, and it's pouring down rain. Thus, the group decides to just go ashore at the nearest possible point and camp out.

That night, the group is hanging out by the camp when Sawyer starts pouring his heart out to Juliet about Kate, and Juliet responds by starting to bleed all over the place. Meanwhile, Charlotte stumbles across some wreckage by the beach, and the group determines that it's from a french vessel...

Danielle Rousseau Lost island dying shot death killed
Ya' damn right it's Rousseau's. After this revelation, we're treated to a flashback from way back when Rousseau first came to the island, as a young pregnant chick, just like a french Claire. We see her small escape vessel being batted around by a violent storm, and her team coming across a body floating in the water. They roll it over, and we see this bad-ass motherfucker.
Jin Lost Island shirtless muscular
Yep, it's JIN!!! We all knew he wasn't really dead, but still, nice to see him alive again. Rousseau revives him once the vessel lands on the beach, and introduces herself to a VERY confused Jin.

Other than that, not much else happened with the island crew. Time is still all wonky, and I'm really starting to hope it picks one time period and sticks with it pretty soon. The really interesting stuff that happened in this episode happened in L.A., though, mainly focusing on Kate's struggle to keep Aaron out of the grasp of evil lawyer fellow.

First she leaves Aaron with Sun, planning to go talk to evil lawyer fellow, offering him the deal of agreeing to the blood samples he requests IF he will give her the name of his client. However, the evil lawyer refuses, on the grounds that she is legally required to give the blood sample. Furthermore, he states, she will lose Aaron.
Kate Austen Austin Lost Island Evangeline Lily Lilly Aaron bloody bruised beaten
Meanwhile Sun Damage is supposed to be keeping an eye on the brat, but instead she's in her room, playing with a gun that she ordered on-line, I guess. She also got a lot of photos of Ben and Jack together, which she will probably use for target practice.
Ben Linus Jack Shepherd Shephard beard leather jacket Lost Island Matthew Fox Michael Emerson
Across L.A., Jack is busy fixing up Sayid after his little run-in with the tranq gang. As soon as Sayid is able, he suggests that they go to save Hurley from Ben. Jack mentions that it's not really the plan, and then gets dragged away by some other doctor calling him a loose cannon and bearded freak, etc. During their conversation, Jack receives a phone call from Hurley, who is predictably in jail, and assures Jack he did just what Sayid said before hanging up. Next thing we know, Sayid is being all bad-ass and kicking the hell out of some fake nurse who is actually one of the tranq gang.Sayid Jarrah suit awesome bad-ass Naveen Andrews Lost Island

After Sayid finishes doing what Sayid does, he questions the attacker, who tells him that the person who sent them's address is in his wallet. Sayid thanks him kindly with one of his own tranqs before checking the wallet, and showing the address to Jack, who immediately recognizes it as belonging to (dundundun) KATE!

So, in other words, weird shit is happening all around. To make matters worse, Ben has shown up by this point, and is requesting everyone's cooperation in gathering the rest of the Oceanic Six. So, while Jack calls Kate to set up a meeting, the unhappy alliance of Ben and Sayid go to work on getting Hurley sprung from the joint.

Jack meets Kate outside of the evil lawyer's law firm, and finds her spying on him, trying to figure out who his client is. They discuss, among other things, Jack's beard (or lack thereof). Before they can get to the finer points of said beard, however, Kate sees the lawyer leaving, and tails him to an apartment building where he should be meeting with his client. Jack and Kate watch as the door is opened, and we see...
Claire's mom mother Jack Shepherd Lost Island Matthew Fox
Claire's mom? So, apparently Claire's mom somehow found out that Aaron belonged to Claire instead of Kate, and was fighting for custody. After the lawyer leaves, Jack (convinced he can talk sense to his half-sister's mom) approaches her, and begs her to reconsider before we get the fastest answer to a mystery EVER in Lost as Claire's mom inquires 'Who's Aaron?'
Charlie Pace Dominic Monaghan Claire Littleton Emilie De Ravin pregnant Lost island Aaron
Come to find out, Miss Littleton is in town so she can sue Oceanic for her daughter's death, and just happens to have the same lawyer as (dundundun) Ben.

ANOTHER answer just as quickly.Wow, two in a freakin' row. In the next scene, Sayid and Ben meet with the lawyer, and it becomes clear he's working for good ol' Ben. The reasons Ben wants to take Aaron away from Kate are probably just to draw her out, and put her on the run again, so he has a better chance of forcing her to go back to the island. The lawyer is also working on the Hurley case, and gets him cleared of all charges. Hurley will be released in only a day or so.

So, as all of the pieces come together, the group comes to find their destiny at the harbor. Jack brings Kate there without clearly explaining the situation just before Sayid and Ben show up. There are some awkward re-introductions all around before Sun shows up, with her gun and Aaron, presumably to kill Ben. The only missing piece is Hurley at this point...
Ben Linus Micahel Emerson funny Juliette Burke Juliet Lost Island
So, next episode... will the Oceanic Six finally head back to the island? Will all the bleeding people die? Will they just stay in ONE FREAKING TIME NOW PLEASE!!

Overall the episode was very good and engaging. It had plenty of shocks, and a good variety of questions and answers, both. It's obvious that this is all building up to a pretty epic situation, and I hope the pay-off is worth the suspense. Come back next week for another episode and more funny pictures.Michael Emerson Ben Linus John Locke Terry O'Quinn TV Lost Island


  1. hahahah i love your captions. they're hilarious. even the charlie one was pretty good, and i founnd it totally offensive. haha. anyway. good one, and i can't wait to see the next episode. oh yeah, and where the fuck is rose and bernard?